I started this blog because the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes and no one seems to want to talk about it.

Fear has taken over the world and we are in danger of losing our hearts. The only way to fight back is to start conversations that no one is willing to have.  Inside these conversations is truth and as they say,  the truth will set you free.

If I can start honest conversations that trigger people to challenge some false belief systems (hence the title of my blog), I believe we can fight back against fear and the destructive force it is having on our world.



Richard Slater is an independent Financial Advisor. A native of Sacramento, Calif., Rick graduated from Encina High School and attended the University of New Mexico on a golf scholarship. He met the scholarship requirements after one year and decided to take a break from school due to a strong desire to learn the true essence of the game. He embarked on a golf expedition, culminating in his discovery of “Zen Golf,” which is chronicled on his Web site, www.zen-golf.com.

Once his journey came to end, Rick transferred to Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore. After one year, he again decided to take a break in his formal education, and moved to Lake Tahoe. He lived there for seven years, gaining valuable life experience working as a waiter and professional ski instructor. Finally, he returned to Sacramento and managed a tennis pro shop during the day while attending classes at night at California State University, Sacramento. Three years later, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

Post-graduation, Rick began his career in financial management as a stock broker for a large Wall Street firm in Sacramento. Five years later, he left the firm to open his own business as an independent financial advisor. Since then, he has developed a unique approach to money management, dubbed “The A to B Approach,” which is outlined on www.theatobapproach.com.

From 1996 to 1999, Rick hosted a live online talk show for Access Health, which focused on improving people’s quality of recreation. His overall life goal is to shepherd his friends and clients in their relationships, recreational activities and finances, assist them in reducing stress through highly professional, individualized stress-management services, and serving as a mentor in overcoming fears. Rick has authored two books on the subject of relationships and fear entitled “Males Don’t Float” and “The Voice of Fear.” Both are available to read online at no charge, at www.malesdontfloat.com and www.voiceoffear.com.