Good or Bad??

It is impossible to know what is good or bad.

We live in a world of outcomes. We judge hundreds of times a day whether an event is good or bad. If the stop light turns red and we are late for work, we assume that is bad? If the light stays green long enough for us to get through it, that is good? We make these judgements all day long and we believe we know what is good or bad, but it is impossible to know what is good or bad.


In order to know what is good or bad you would have to have complete knowledge of the universe and know how every other possible scenario would have worked out. Maybe that light turning red caused you to be next to the car in which your soul mate was in; whom you otherwise would have never had a chance to exchange smiles with and which ultimately lead to a meeting. Maybe that light staying green put you right in the grill of a drunk driver? But do we know if either of these is good or bad?


The point is this: it is impossible to know, so why do we spend our lives judging things as if we could know? The answer is simple: we live inside our fear and not inside our hearts.


Fears only job is to judge outcome and determine good or bad. Fear serves as a brake to stop us so we can judge the safest path to proceed. If we were lost in the jungle it would come in quite handy but for most of us we are not lost in the jungle, we are lost in fear.


I am often asked: “Well if you can’t know what is good or bad then why care about anything?” My answer is always the same: “Life is not about knowing what is good or bad it is about what you want to give not the outcome of that giving.”


Fears only concern is outcome, our hearts only concern is what it wants to give. When you let go of outcome you are set free from fear and live in honor without judgment or expectation. When you let go of your fear and live in honor you will finally have the control you desperately sought after.

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