Honor Versus Outcome

Our children, our young people and adults are being attacked from the inside.

We can blame technology, our fast pace society, drugs, politicians or little green men from Mars but none of it is the problem.  When we leave our hearts, our soul starts to erode. We have a simple choice in life, we can pick honor or we can pick outcome.

Outcome is the fuel for fear because fear’s only job is to judge and control outcomes. When we choose honor we focus on what we want to give and not the outcome of that giving.  If you asked most kids if they could cheat and get and A and could never be caught or get a C working twice as hard, sadly most would take the A. This is because they would see it as the smarter choice since working twice as hard for a C would make no sense. If all you are looking at is the outcome you would be correct.

There was recently a big cheating scandal at Harvard and the punishment if you were caught was you could not come back to school for a year. That’s a bit less harsh than a punishment of being permanently expelled.  What kind of standard is that? Why was the school afraid off kicking these kids out for good? What outcome did they fear?

There is only one thing in this world that we control; what we want to give.

If giving is based on a code of honor we can relax and live our lives in peace. When we focus on outcome, something we cannot control, we invite fear in because that lack of control leads to stress and stress is the single greatest killer we have today.  We have all heard the story of the student who got straight A’s all through high school and when getting a B their senior year, the student committed suicide.

We have chosen outcome over honor either intentionally or by default but it is time we made a change.

To learn more about Honor vs Outcome, check out my Zen Children page here.

In Zen Children I have listed the outcome approach to athletics or the honor approach because athletics seems to be the first place we make a hard choice that last the rest of our lives, especially as children.

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