Point System

Is it time to stop living with the Point System?

Nature always has a plan.  Each species has instincts and behaviors to insure their survival and humanity is no different.

I call nature’s plan the Point System and here is how it works.

When males are born, they start with zero points and when females are born, they start with a hundred points.

A male has to quickly learn to perform because this is how he earns points. The stronger, faster and smarter he is the more points he earns. His value is determined by strength and leadership and the success that follows.

A woman’s points are base on youth, sex and beauty. She has to try to hang on to her points as long as possible because eventually time will start to take them away from her.

The point system is designed for one thing: survival of the race.  Not happiness or romantic love.

It wants the strongest men to be motivated to protect and provide for the most beautiful fertile woman. Weak men and unattractive woman should be discarded.

The Point System makes perfect sense as to why men try so hard to rise above other men in sports, war and business and why woman put so much of their efforts into trying to stay young and sexy.

I have heard plenty of woman say it isn’t fair men get better the older they get and to this I say it isn’t fair that men start out with no points. Or you will hear woman complain that a man who sleeps with lots of woman is a stud and  a woman who does the same this is a slut.  This is true according to the Point System but it is also true that a woman can never be a bum; that is reserved for a man with no points.

So it all makes sense when you look at nature’s design of the Point System.

Nature is not pretty nor fair.  Just watch a lion take down a zebra and it becomes pretty clear nature is not really like The Lion King, just like life is not really like a Disney movie.

So, my question is, why are we still following Jungle Law and the Point System?

How about we discard the Point System and get rid of sluts and bums and show nature who is boss by walking out of the jungle.

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