No Anger Without Fear

It’s impossible to get angry if you are not afraid.

It is a simple fact of human behavior that it is impossible to get angry if you are not afraid.

Anger is a fear response and cannot be generated in the absence of fear.  Anger and fear go hand in hand.

Most people will argue with this fact. They will even get angry and declare, “I am not afraid, I am just angry”, and they might even go as far as scream, “I am not afraid of anything!”

I have often noticed that this statement often makes people angry, which is pretty ironic.

Given that this is a truth that cannot be disproved, it reveals how scared we all really are. Whether it is politics, religion, sports or just a discussion of the weather, we often get angry. If we don’t accept that we can not get angry with out being afraid, then we fail to look at what scares us.

As we scream at the referees on TV for making a bad call, do we ever look at our fear and question why that bad call scares us? When we talk politics or religion, do we look at why we get so angry and the deeper fear that specific discussion creates?

We live in an angry society which means we live in a society that is afraid, but we don’t look at the underlining fear that causes this.  Instead, we just scream louder.

The next time you find yourself getting angry, ask yourself;  “Why am I afraid?”  Asking yourself this question is the first step to being less angry.

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