Pre acceptance of failure

This is a term that’s roots come from Buddhism.  To most Western minds, this terms sounds like giving up, but it is quite the opposite and a requirement for true excellence.

I was watching the summer Olympics a few of years ago.  A female gymnast had just given the performance of her life and she was interviewed right after.  She admitted that once she knew the gold medal was no longer in her reach, she felt no more pressure, and she focused on having fun and giving the best routine she could.

This gymnast pre accepted failure and it led to her spectacular floor performance.

We can only give our best performances when we let go of fear.  To do that, we have to pre accept failure, which does not mean we are accepting failure.

It means that we are at peace with giving our best and not trying to control the outcome.  We allow what we have to stand for itself and by doing so, we rid ourselves of fear.  How often have we seen an athlete ‘try too hard’ or ‘choke’ when under pressure to perform or win?  How often have we seen come backs from athletes that had ‘nothing to lose?’

In order to give our best performance, we must let go of outcome and simply do our best accepting that even our best might not be good enough to ‘win.’

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