Surrender moment

Everything we do, if we learn to do it correctly, has a surrender moment. This is the moment when we have done our job and now have to allow the rest of the action to happen for us. Denise McCluggage, the author of the Centered Skier, wrote this about golf; “In golf there are things you cause to happen and there are things you allow to happen. This is true with everything.”


It is no-where more evident than with the bungee jumper. In order to have the thrill of the jump they must surrender to the fact the cord will hold them. If they can not surrender to this fact then they can not jump.


The baseball pitcher at some point has to let go of the ball and trust where it will go, etc etc…  This pertains to all athletics, business and everything else in life. The problem is that most people find surrendering to be the most difficult, but it is that “letting go” to the part (which must be done for you) that holds them back.  If you want to achieve the highest level in anything you must identify the surrender moment and ask your self if you are willing to surrender.

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