We can’t be in our hearts and our heads at the same time.


When I say the “heart,” I am obviously not referring to the literal meaning of the organ that pumps our blood. I’m referring to our soft giving emotions and inspiration. When I say the “head” I am being literal because that is where we process fear.

So I am going to talk about the heart as the place we give from and the head as the place we process fear. It is impossible to be angry unless you are afraid (yes that is a fact) and anger is the quickest way we mask our fears.

Once we are afraid we can no longer give, the mind is solely focused on what it needs to no longer be afraid.

When a soldier charges to the aid of another soldier, he is surrounded by danger. I am sure is scared but his heart has over ridden his fear out of the love for his fellow comrade. You can be scared and give, but you cannot be emotionally afraid.

Other soldiers have been so emotionally afraid it left them frozen and unable to follow orders.

Courage and bravery are matters of the heart, and both override fear. Bravery is when the danger is real, like the soldier. Courage is when the danger is not real but we think it is, like being afraid of rejection. Both are behaviors of the heart.

The quickest way to stop fear is to find a way to give. We cannot stay afraid if we are inspired to give because that comes from the heart. And we cannot be in our hearts and head at the same time.

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