What is personal growth?

The personal growth industry is a billion dollar industry but what really is personal growth?

If you read a self help book, does that mean you experienced personal growth?

If you go into therapy, does that mean you experienced personal growth?

If you attend a seminar by a famous self-help guru, does that mean you experience personal growth?

Is personal growth different for every person or is it something that can be defined. And what happens if we don’t experience personal growth?  Did people a thousand years ago experience personal growth?

I think it is time that personal growth should be defined and the benefits of it explained if billions of dollars are going to be made from the notion we all should personally grow. So here is my definition…

Personal growth comes when: 

1. You face your fears.

2. You challenge your fear-based belief systems.

3. You take complete responsibility for your feelings and place in life.

If those three areas are not met, then I do not believe personal growth is possible.  I recently read and highlighted a great quote;

“The cure for the pain is the pain.”

Our journey of self discovery has to be through the pain that altered our course in the first place and which created our current belief systems.  Then and only then do we really personally grow.

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