What is Self Love?

This is a subject that gets talk about a lot but never really defined. I hear people say: “I feel good about myself because….” and they list an accomplishment; but is self love really about accomplishment? What if you have failed? Should you forfeit self love?


Self love can not be dependant on an outcome or accomplishment. Self love is the belief that you have value. As such, everyone in the world must care about you, if they do not, they should not be in your life. When I say care, it could be as simple as asking a homeless person to please stand ten feet away while they talk to you because this makes you comfortable. Not eight or nine feet but ten. If they do not honor this then you do not have to honor their desire to talk to you. Or it could be a serious and a deal breaking discussion you need to have with a boss or mate. They must listen in order to honor you, tuning you out or dismissing you is not an option.


If you have self love you believe you always have value and that value must be honored. When a person does not care about your needs they are saying it is okay not to value you. We chase the world to gain approval and never give it to ourselves. Self love is not selfish or self-centered or egotistical, it is feeling your value and honoring that value you feel.

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